Saturday, January 26, 2019

DC-8 dan Airbus A300 Garuda Indonesia

These are 2 Garuda Indonesia fleet that have cockpit that have cockpit crew reduction by Wiweko Supono as GA's leader during 1968-1984.

For DC-8-55,Wiweko reduce crew into 3 crews which only concist Captain,Co-pilot,and Flight Engineer.Navigator and Radio operator aren't used because handled by flight crew.On American Airlines,their 707 originally uses 4 crew for overseas flight but only 3 crews used for the airlines standards.

For A300B4,originally the plane still uses 3 cockpit crew.But when Garuda order A300,Wiweko and Airbus design cockpit with only 2 person.This version later called A300B4 FFCC.Despite the instrument are analog and uses yoke as controls,it has advanced cockpit technology.

Entering 1980s,Boeing still keep going on its 3 man cockpit crew even for new 767.So Airbus was better than Boeing in this case.In 1983,Airbus also

Before DC-8 and A300,he also want beechcraft design Super H-18 (including order from Bank Indonesia) cockpit with only want person.And Wiweko also first one who fly alone through Pacific Ocean.

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